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Does your website reflect your brand?

February 12, 2009

I’m not talking about whether or not your website is pretty, has lots of flashy bells and whistles, or even is SEO friendly. I’m talking about how you communicate about your business on your website.

Content. It’s the key to your online visitors understanding WHAT you do and HOW you do it. It’s the portal to demonstrating to these strangers why they want your product or service, and no one else’s. It’s the most important channel you have for making your case before you even get to pitch. So I recommend taking a time out, and going back to that website your built however long ago, and read it, as if for the first time and as if you’re a new customer and have never heard of this company before.

Ask yourself… would I describe my company like this if I was standing in front of this potential customer in person? Does it make sense? Do I use big words and really long sentences, or is my information concise, simple and unpretentious? Is there a clear call to action… is the visitor asked and inspired to interact with my brand and how do I capture that action? Do I make every effort to show how I can help them, and then deliver a fast and easy way for them to contact me or purchase via the site, no frills?

This process is very challenging, and can take some time. But it is worth every second you spend on this project, because your website is your brand’s virtual storefront, and if it’s not welcoming, well lit and clean, then customers will walk right by it. Ask yourself the hard questions, and you’ll be guaranteed to find ways you can improve how you communicate via your site!

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