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rethinking media outreach

January 30, 2009

Dear clients,

You don’t need to be on TechCrunch.



Am I out of my mind? TechCrunch is one of the holy grails of media hits, every PR person’s nightmare/dream come true, and one of the first sites cited by tech companies and others when listing where they want to get covered. Think you want it bad? Some people have committed some serious acts of crazy weirdness for one coveted little post. 

But this great post from HubSpot points out that despite the traffic spike you’ll see from a hit on TechCrunch, you might have missed the mark in terms of target audience. It doesn’t matter if all those people visit your site if they don’t end up converting to lasting customers! And for a great many companies, even those involved in the tech space, reaching viable customers in smaller but more valuable niches is a much better idea than shooting for the moon with TechCrunch. In the time that it takes you to finally get through to someone over at TechCrunch so they can tell you to get lost, you could have achieved several posts in smaller, more relevant publications and blogs, and lo and behold, achieved higher conversions as a result!

The lesson… think about your target market, not your site traffic. Think about your conversion rate, not just site visitors. Broaden your horizons and don’t rely on a few big media hits to make you a success. As I talked about in my last post, think smaller community, more targeted niche, more relevant people, more success!

Check out the Hubspot post for some great graphs and stats on this topic.

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  1. January 30, 2009 1:25 am

    That article was a great find. Very contrary to what I expected the conversation rate to be for TechCrunch.

  2. sailkat permalink*
    January 30, 2009 1:29 am

    Thanks John, I was surprised but it was great to see those numbers because i’ve been suspicious about this for awhile now.

  3. January 30, 2009 6:59 pm

    Thanks for pointing people to the article. More people need to learn this lesson about choosing your online PR targets wisely. It’s not about “mentions” anymore. PR is measured by business results when it’s done online.

  4. sailkat permalink*
    January 30, 2009 7:27 pm

    Thanks Peter, I agree completely. We need to do a better job of educating our clients, because in the end we create more value for them if we pitch wisely and strategically!

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