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what’s next in social media??

October 14, 2008
Freddie Laker addresses the New Media Summit on what’s next in social media…
“Our focus should not be on emerging technolgoes but on emerging cultural practices”
Trends you should be watching:
1. Social everything. Right now people are using the traditional facebook and myspace, but in the next couple of years social will be an assumed functionality in everything we do, we’ll stop talking about it because it won’t be something we think about as separate. Gives the example of Google friend connect that allows you to add a social aspect to any site. Allows people to start building communities. You’ll be able to connect across all sites because it will be a universal login. 
2. More aggregation: There will be an increasing need for filtering out all of the noise we’ve created. We’ve made so much content that it’s almost completely unmanageable so aggregation will be key. 
3. Social media will deeply affect search: Your brand perception is getting dictated by comments online on yelp, digg, blogs etc. Only one or two of your top search results for your organization are going to be something your company actually controls. The rest are going to be blogs, comments, etc. by your user base. You’ll need a kind of “ninja” search engine work to push out neg comments etc. 
4. Mobile: creating mobile content and apps, branded content in terms of an app or utility for the mobile will be key. 
5. Watch youth: They’re the best target focus group you’ve got. 
6. Have some courage: the market is a mess, people are pulling back ad budgets and looking for more streamlined and measurable results. Take 2-3% of your budget and do something experimental. You have more of a chance of having a fantastic experience now when others are pulling back. 

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