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blogging web 2.0 keynotes – day 1

September 18, 2008

Live blogging keynotes at Web 2.0… this will have additions as we go along…

Fred Wilson, Deb Schultz, Jason Fried, Maria Thomas… and now Gary Vaynerchuk is speaking…

A couple highlights: Deb talked about recognizing the difference between a grand gesture (picture a major ad campaign, gala award event, new product launch etc.) and the every day personal relationships we carry on without great significance each day. Gestures in this world are just as meaningful, and in a social media sense, often for businesses even more important than the grand gesture. Practicing good customer service, proactively, openly and honestly can make or break your company’s success. In fact, I’m going to take deb’s comments a bit farther than she did, and argue that these daily gestures by the companies and organizations we work with make the difference in our relationship with them, the loyalty we have, our likelihood to recommend these companies to our friends and families, and the overall possible success of any venture. 

Maria Thomas took this idea even farther by saying that you need to keep your business human, inside and out. Not only is it important to interact with your customers on the outside in a human way on a daily basis, you also have to be human within. Hiring, planning projects and products, deciding how to grow your business and planning outreach should all involve learning about people, being as personal and human as possible, and know that this interaction builds a strong and successful brand.

Ok, so Gary is crazy. But hilarious. I’m not even going to try to summarize, just going to provide quotes. “Stop doing what you hate.” “Getting a crap-load of users and then flipping it is NOT a business model.” “Legacy is greater than currency.” “I produce the most non-scalable apps on earth.” “If you for a second don’t believe in the product you’re repping or the company you work for, you need to get OUT.” “This is business. Understand the game is changing. You need to build brand equity: in yourself. If you love it, you will win. Use ALL the tools. Connect to them any way you can. We are going through a gold rush of branding. You can get there. It all starts with that first moment: what do I want to do. So many people will kill it if they do. Patience and passion. I promise, you can monetize that shit.” Everybody has time to get what they want, WORK. Stop sitting around watching fucking LOST. You have the time, you need to work for what you want.”

For more, check out kate’s post on the speeches….

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  1. February 25, 2009 5:19 am

    thanks for the nod – you obviously get it..;)

    [and yes, it has taken me this long to google my chat!]


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