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fusion marketing

August 13, 2008

Read an interesting post on today about a trend many are referring to as fusion marketing, where companies work with other similar companies to cross-promote services or products. I’m particularly interested in this from a business partnership standpoint, not only to increase leads, but more importantly to enhance what I am able to offer clients. In a field as dynamic as communications, there are a number of capabilities that companies look for that are outside the realm of traditional marketing and PR: SEO services, Web site development, online ad campaign maintenance and graphic design services just to name a few. Forming strategic alliances with companies that can offer these services to our clients enhances my ability to offer a well-rounded product to a potential customer, builds business relationships, and strengthens our position in the marketplace.

But fusion marketing can also be used as a great tactic to suggest to clients themselves as a fresh idea for brand promotion that fosters new partnerships and creates a new market for promotion of the organization. There are myriad ways fusion marketing can be adapted to your brand… and thinking creatively about working with local businesses or businesses of a similar and complementary focus as yours can be the first step to forging a new alliance that can be mutually beneficial to both parties for years to come. 

Check out the article for some more examples of fusion marketing and how it can benefit your business…

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