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pitch it to the man

June 6, 2008

For many in the tech world, ending up on TechCrunch is the holy grail of “making-it” status, especially if the post is reasonably positive. With readership in the millions and syndication in the Washington Post, TechCrunch has the reach, status and reliability that makes it the ideal place to get covered if you want people to know about your product, and more importantly try it and use it.

That’s why this week’s addition of the “Elevator Pitch” section of the TechCrunch Web site is so awesome. Now not only can you pitch Arrington and his team, you can pitch your company, in full video, and get it posted to the site for everyone to watch, comment on and rate. The perks? You just got covered on TechCrunch, in your own words, with a full 60 seconds to sell it to your potential tech geek mavens. The danger? Every picky nerd can tear your pitch and your technology to shreds if it’s not up to their standards.

 Check the new site out, it’s definitely worth a peek!

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