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mac @ work day. all day. every day.

May 7, 2008

Ok, I’m just going to come right out and say it. I want a Mac at work. I talk about it, whine about it, suggest it at staff meetings, tried full stop bringing my home one in for awhile (had to stop due to coworker Mac envy, and our server didn’t support Macs…minor detail). Bottom line. I want a Mac at work.

Turns out… I’m not alone! According to a recent Yankee Group report, 87% of a diverse group of businesses reported having at least a few Macs onsite, up from 48% two years ago. With no sales team devoted to pushing Apple in the workforce, how do we account for this massive increase?

The answer, according to a BusinessWeek article, is users like me! I bought an iPod years ago, and when my third Dell died a pathetic death after only two years, I became the (overly) proud owner of a MacBook Pro… which after two years is still running like a brand new machine. I used Macs when I worked for MIT, Syracuse University, and then ended up back in the corporate world, resigned to my fate of Windows Vista.

But I can’t take it anymore! So, here are the top five reasons why my company (and others) should adopt Macs:

5. QUALITY OF LIFE: I know this seems hard to believe (well, not for Mac users) but using a Mac really is such a different experience from PCs you’ll find that you will rarely be faced with frustration with your computer, freeing up time and energy to focus on work!

4. EASE OF USE: Macs are easier to use than Vista, so employees will spend less time perusing the depths of Microsoft Word searching for how to create a PDF. Interfaces are easy to understand, presentations come out with much higher quality, and the ability to intergrate multimedia into your work is streamlined and simple.  

3. PRODUCTIVITY: This is a major point based directly on my experience with a Vista machine every day. Just the fact that you don’t have to restart every couple of hours to fix the latest glitch should be reason enough, but in addition Macs are not prone to as many viruses, do not get bogged down in old code, do not constantly need to be defragmented and last longer than the average PC.

2. COST: Sure you saved money by buying PCs. There is no doubt that Macs are a more costly investment. But if you have to replace your PCs every two years because the systems get bogged down no matter what you do, then the investment in a Mac once could end up actually SAVING you thousands of dollars by giving you 2-3 times the mileage that you get out of a comparable PC.

1. MACS ARE BETTER AND MORE AWESOME. Need I say more? But seriously, there is a reason the last time Steve Ballmer gave a presentation, he was giving it on a Mac! Once Microsoft starts using Macs for important work, it’s pretty much game over.

So what will it take to get Macs in the office? Persistence and increasing frustration with the new Microsoft models. Microsoft has been instrumental in encouraging people to make the switch, with the failed Vista launch and an estimated 90% of users still working with Windows XP, there is little hope that any major enhancements in the (miserable) status quo of the operating system will improve any time in the next 4-5 years. I rest my case. I want a Mac at work!

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  1. RezIt permalink
    May 8, 2008 10:21 pm

    To play devils advocate, it is more than a matter of “want” to get Macs into the Enterprise. Do you feel they are ready? What about a Mac’s lack of anti-virus? Do you not see hackers exploiting the Mac’s vulnerabilities once it gets behind that corporate firewall because I do…

    Great post of opinions regarding this topic with my favorite quote being “In short, Mac for the enterprise is a joke. First they’ll need to fix their support offerings so that I can get the same kind of support globally for my company. Then they need to fix their insane hardware release schedule: if I order A, please don’t send me B.”

    Here is a link to that blog post:

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