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get off your butt

November 2, 2007

It’s been awhile since my last post due to recent illness. But I’m back! And I wanted to call out a Jeremy Pepper comment about PR and social media. We all hear about this all the time, how to pitch bloggers in a space and how to liase with new media professionals. As with any industry, having a personal relationship and face-to-face conversation with the audience you are trying to reach is an incredibly successful way to build connections.

PR people are very good at this networking! We love to talk about our clients, their products, services and general story. We are trying to reach reporters and bloggers who cover our clients. Why then is there not more emphasis on getting out of the office and into the fray? Here we are on the phone trying to reach someone and convince them to talk to our client, when we could be standing in front of them at the next industry trade show having a face-to-face chat about the weather! Even that small interaction would lead to a relationship with that writer in which e-mails would no longer be ignored, phone calls not dreaded. Becoming a part of the community means participating in all of these events! I think we should get off our butts, quit talking about it, and just go meet these people in their natural habitat.

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