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so…what do you do?

October 3, 2007

Seth Godin had an interesting post a couple of days ago about organizations that are so staid in the processes that have always been the foundation of the industry that even in the face of fading and failing business practices, the company is unable to change.

This of course brings me around to my usual speech about how now more than ever, change within the communications industry is not only imminent, but necessary for survival. Many communications firms are offering a variety of services to their clients in order to better serve the integrated communications function that is rapidly transforming the way we communicate with constituents. From advertising, marketing and PR to Web design, blogging, podcasts, wikis and the plethora of other new media and communications tools available today, these firms are putting it all together, recognizing that they all are operating in relation to each other, not in separate worlds.

 What I found most interesting about Seth’s post is the description of the feeling of those inside these businesses that are struggling with moving to a new way of doing things, as well as his prescription as to what should be done:

[the organization] is filled with people who feel helpless. They feel like the organization is aligned against them, aligned to fail, all because the status quo is so powerful.

The ironic thing is that if they focused their energy and their guts on the new market that is gaining on them (fast), they’d demolish it. If they embraced the threat, the threat wouldn’t have a chance.

It will certainly be interesting to see what direction the communications industry moves in, but I believe at least one thing is true today: there is a threat. And it is up to those inside to recognize it, embrace it, and always be looking ahead to even further innovation within our field.

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