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facebook goes for PR… with an agency?

September 14, 2007

I wish I was on the inside of this new relationship between Facebook and their new AOR OutCast (as reported by PRWeek); I would love to know what kind of public relations Facebook is looking for, because I can’t imagine they need traditional print coverage or any help getting blog coverage. Which means (gasp!) that they hired a PR firm to do something other  than that!

 OutCast won’t talk about the win… but here’s what the Web site says about their services…

From the Wall Street Journal to TechCrunch, it starts with our willingness to push ourselves beyond PR 101 every single day. We have no patience for cookie-cutter PR, our clients deserve better.

I would expect nothing less from a firm hired to represent a cutting-edge social media giant.

This on the heels of the announcement that Facebook profiles will be partially available to the general public. As Facebook charts new territory in the social networking arena, they’re looking outside the walls of their own company not for help getting coverage I would imagine, but for help maintaining a far more important factor… public perception about their company. Who wouldn’t want this account? There are so many exciting directions to go in. Wouldn’t you love to know how OutCast pitched this account to make the win? I’ll try to learn more and report….

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