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August 30, 2007

For those of you who have noticed (and for those who haven’t, you have NOT really been paying attention to my blog then, have you?!) I’ve deleted a couple of posts. Ok, don’t cry, I know you loved them. But. I am, above anything else, a professional (who hopes to keep CURRENT job and do well at it), and in light of recent protestations from those who felt I was going too far (an accusation which is true in most cases) I have removed a couple posts. My sincerest apologies to those affected… you know who you are.

I will say this. I have had this blog for ONE WEEK now, and already I have had so much feedback and coverage that I didn’t even imagine was possible. I have always been told, and believed, that word can travel fast, but if anyone was wondering if that is true or not, IT IS. And for those who believe blogging is dead or dying, you must be wrong, because this world is certainly thriving and moving at a far faster pace than even I imagined.

So that’s all I have to say for now. No worries, I’m still going to be blogging away. And I have some interesting new content to add, so stay tuned…

 Here’s to an interesting trial by fire in the blogging world…

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