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pitching in the blogosphere

August 29, 2007

This is a topic under MUCH debate lately, and I am only adding my two cents to agree with Jeremy Pepper, who argues that you have to really care about the community you are trying to enter and be willing to be engaged and interact with the community for reasons other than your own personal gain in order to succesfully become a member.

When we pitch blogs on behalf of our clients, this is very difficult to do. It takes time, patience and energy to establish connections which most people assume are distant and impersonal simply because they take place online. Untrue! Bloggers take their contribution to the wider community very seriously, and they are not going to cover your client, product or whatever just because a stranger asked them to? It’s all about trust, and becoming a member of the community builds trust. Check out the Edelman Trust Barometer of 2007 , which supports the idea that our personal relationships with those we know and trust are our most reliable source of information today.

It is partially for this reason that I started my own blog. How could I be a part of this community without participating? I felt like I needed to jump in head first and find out what this is all about! But it will take time for me and anyone else looking to enter this community to be “trusted” and to enter the community. It doesn’t happen overnight. How to explain that to your clients? Good luck with that one…





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